Art Saves Lives International ASLI – Magazine is a quarterly on-line publication.

Every 3 months ASLI choose an idea or issue to focus on such as our first issue “Celebration of Women” which our call for artists was launched on International Women’s Day. We choose subjects which affect everyone around the world and highlight issues which need a bigger voice.

This Magazine is a chance to spotlight amazing artists form all over the world and show you how they are using their artistic expression and creativity to communicate, engage and educate.


This year we will be focusing on three main issues

April – Women

July – Mental Illness and Recovery

December – Capitalism, Greed and Poverty


 ASLI as an organisation exists to give a voice to the unheard.

We believe this world can be enriched and given a voice through art.

We aim to utilize art as a medium to engage, educate and express.

Our purpose is to raise awareness of social inequality, environmental conservation and animal welfare. Giving our attention to the most vulnerable of causes.

Our Projects incorporate all disciplines and abilities of artistic expression.

Creating opportunity, allowing for reflection, release and for us all to come together and initiate change.


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