Artist of the Month

Become ASLI Artist of the Month

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ASLI like to feature diverse artists from around the world, artists which are engaged in creating change, highlighting important issues as well as expressing their own unique self and life in an artistic way.

Every month we wish to highlight artist from different disciplines within the spectrum of art and creativity.

  • Visual Arts and Photography
  • Music
  • Dance and Performance Art
  • Theatre 
  • Film and Documentary Making
  • Animation and Graphic Artists
  • Creative Writing and Poetry 
  • Journalism Writing and Blogging
  • Artisan skills and Crafting
  • Fashion and Textile Art

How to submit:

Send us:

  • A small statement of why you think you and your current work should be highlighted for artist of the month and tell us which category your wok belongs to.
  • Tell us what your current work does to: Create Change – Engage, Educate and Express Our World.
  • Send us links to your social media sites.
  • Send us some examples of the work you wish to be highlighted in your article.
  • Tell us why you wish to be involved with Art Saves Lives International (ASLI)

Send all of this information to

If you are successful in being picked we will contact you within 2 weeks of your email to inform you. Then we shall send you an email with your interview questions and allocated month in which you shall be featured in. 

ASLI Quote By Charlotte Farhan