aside Egyptian Artist Eman Desouky Allam wants to create something new and develop women’s roles within art

Artist Eman Desouky Allam
Artist Eman Desouky Allam

Artist Eman Desoukey Allam, aged 26 from Port-said, Egypt

“I started painting when I was a child and started to develop myself in art when I joined Specific Education Faculty major in art and received an award for the Best Artist 2009 at The Graduation Ceremony Of The Specific Education Faculty,Port Said

What motivated you to deal with the subject of female empowerment in your art?

“I started it in a collage that was an assignment which I had to submit and I started to like working on collages from back then.

Tell us why you chose this submission?

Because I got interested in this subject of CELEBRATING WOMEN and wanted to be a part of it.

Eman Desouky Allam Dimensions: 50x50 cm Material:Collage
Eman Desouky Allam
Dimensions: 50×50 cm


Why have you chosen the medium you use for your art?

“Because it is something different and I rarely use this medium and also I like working on collages.”

What is your process when creating?

“The idea hits my head then i start working on it.”

Who are you influenced by? What inspired you and your art?

Salvador Dali, I was inspired by his work, his ways and courage of expressing his art as well as his madness.”

What does feminism mean to you and do you consider yourself to be a feminist?

“It means to me a chance to get interested, in looking for freedom and to be free to decide as a woman our own life.

No I don’t consider myself to be a feminist.”

What made you want to get involved with your non-profit ART SAVES LIVES INTERNATIONAL mission?

“I got interested in the idea of ASLI and I have the same big goal to save and help humankind by using art.”

Do you feel women have to conform to social norms and stereotypes to be taken seriously? Do you have any experiences of this?

“Yes, because women are a big part of this society and we play an important role in it. And yes I have experienced this in my life”

Do you think that women and men are equal in today’s societies around the world?Have you any experience of this?

“No women aren’t equal in today’s societies around the world. And I have experienced this for myself.”

What causes and world issues are you passionate about,campaign for,volunteer for etc…..?

“Animal and women rights are the most important issues I am passionate about and have volunteered many times to bring gifts to kids in orphanages and I did an art exhibition for them before and have taught underprivileged children to paint.”

What does statement ART SAVES LIVES mean to you and has art in anyway “saves” your life in any way?

“That it can make a difference and change human lives.

Yes, it did, I created an exhibition called  “She” and it’s subject was about women in the middle-east that which I am.”

How can your art be used to create change and is this something you want for your art?

“Yes I want this very much. Also to let people receive my message and believe in it through art.”

What are your goals as with your art?

To enrich my art and creative life experience, to add something new to art and develop woman’s role in art.”

What is your next project or piece that you are working on?

“There is an idea I am working on but I am still in the process of finishing it.”

If you would like to know more about Eman Desouky Allam please check out her:



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