aside Editor’s Letter – Issue 1 – Celebration of Women

Editor Charlotte Farhan
Editor Charlotte Farhan

I am writing this from my small office at home, with a feeling of great accomplishment over our first ever issue of ASLI magazine which has already been a success and is being viewed all over the world. All of this, from my little hive in Portsmouth, UK, with the help from our small but mighty team we have given a voice to some breathtaking artists who have tremendous spirit to convey their messages through their chosen art form.


This magazine is an extension from our non-profit Art Saves Lives International  and was an idea myself and my husband ( ASLI Chairman and a feature writer for this publication ) had when deciding how we would feature and give a platform to artists globally. So on the 8th of March ( International Women’s Day ) we put a call out for artists from all disciplines and within hours we were overwhelmed by the response. We had 33 spaces for our ASLI magazine and we had over 4,000 submissions by the the cut off date and beyond. So we quickly put our thinking caps on and decided to feature another 33 artists on our ASLI Blog on our main website and attempt to reply and engage with all other artists who had submitted, something we are still in the process of doing. Every artist who entered means the world to us and we hope eventually we will be able to  work with them all. ASLI Info-graphic

It took myself, Mohammed Farhan, Lisa Reeve, Anna Bispham and Becky  Saunders to decide on our final artists for the magazine, we split the  artists  into categories: Visual Artists, Photography/Film/dance, poetry,  creative  writing and music. I had the visual artists and I was blown away  by the talent  and quality of all the submission, which of course made the  job even harder  when deciding who to feature. As a visual artist myself I  found the process a  pleasure and inspiring, seeing other women like  myself using art in the way I  do, communicating their thoughts,  experiences and overall messages to the  world made me feel confident  that ASLI as a whole was important and  necessary. I am proud to be a female artist.

These female artists were asked to submit a piece of art/creative expression with a few things in mind, the piece had to be on the following subjects (click on the subject to see the artists work):

Education for Girls

Equal Rights for Women

Gender Stereotypes

Violence against Women

Women and Body Image  

Here are all the female artists who were in issue 1

And here is my contribution:

My art is female centric because I am a woman and my purpose is to express and inspire expression

So I am now starting to work on issue 2 of our magazine and I can tell you all, it will be out in July and will be on Mental Health, Mental Illness and Recovery, so if you are an artist of any kind reading this I suggest you subscribe to our magazine and our blog so you can get the call out when it goes live this upcoming week in May.

This issue is to be launched in aid of Mental Health Awareness Month throughout May.


  In the UK it is a week long campaign and in the U.S. it is a month so we thought  when better to launch our next call out. Mental health is particularly important to  ASLI, I myself suffer from mental illness an have done since I was 11 years old. As  well as myself the majority of our team suffers from mental health problems from  sever to manageable. One of the reasons I work from home is due to the fact I have  agoraphobia and can not leave my home alone and have not done so for over 8 years. So for us it is more than just a month, it is for some of us our life, something we can not just simply end after a week or a month.

 As a visual artist who deals with mental illness in my art I am aware how important the ability to express myself and my inner world is through art. Here are two posts I have written on the subject:



Here are some examples of my art on mental illness

We will be doing call for artists every 3 months in alignment with our campaign topic, projects, on-line magazine and blog.

Our next 3 planned topics/campaigns are:

  • May – July: Mental Health, Mental Illness and Recovery
  • August – October: LGBTQ: Community, prejudice and Stereotypes
  • November – January: Capitalism: Greed and Poverty

So how can you get involved?

Subscribe to our Blog

Subscribe to our On-line Magazine

This way you will get our call for artists directly to your email and also can see what we are up to.

We also have lots of social media you can get involved in, we love it when artists share their stuff with us and we often share your work or even add it to our gallery on our website.

So why not get involved by using our hash-tag #artsaveslivesintenational or tag us in your post.





Google plus page

If you feel you have an idea for one of our upcoming campaigns or have a fab idea about something else you think we would like to get involved in, please feel free to message us.

We are always looking for artists, art projects and ways to make the world a better place.

Remember we view art as a massive spectrum of creative disciplines, this includes: Visual Arts, photography, film, performing arts, dance, creative writing, poetry, craft, journalism, essay writing, blogging, culinary arts, environmental arts, gardening…….

Collins English Dictionary defines ‘the arts’ as “imaginative, creative, and non-scientific branches of knowledge considered collectively”


So it is the 1st of May and we will be putting together all our info this weekend to launch the new campaign over the next few days. Keep a look out for how to get involved and remember art can create change and you can be part of that mission.

Thank you for reading our first ASLI Magazine issue xxx

From Charlotte Farhan

President / Cultural Arts Director of ASLI 


  1. Art is a tacit acceptance of weakness. Unless we acknowledge it and work on it no art can fully flower. Our mortality, gender issues as well as physical, mental torment are all grist to the mill of creating a world that we could not conquer otherwise. Van Gogh, Lautrec are all fine examples in art,Beethoven in music. Art is refined through suffering as Toulouse Lautrec crippled would find: though reduced to feel at home among ‘performers’ whose status was a little higher than women walking the street he felt at home and was one kindred spirit trying to beat the boredom of living as the women would while away before the gentlemen callers would drop in. Even there he created a world where they held a certain dignity and outlived their time and circumstances.


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