aside Editor’s Letter – Issue 2 – Mental Illness, Health and Recovery

Issue 2 - Mental Illness, health and recovery - ASLI MAGAZINE
Issue 2 – Mental Illness, health and recovery – ASLI MAGAZINE

It seems so long ago when we started our call for artists for Issue 2 of ASLI Magazine and what a success it has been. We were inundated with submissions from extremely talented creative people from all over the world. From visual artists, animators, musicians and creative writers as well as many more, we were overwhelmed by the openness of these creators in their struggles and recovery with mental illnesses. All use their art to either express their own mental health issues or are artists who use their creativity to help maintain a healthy mind.

We asked artists to submit under certain subjects regarding mental health, (click on each one to read articles):

Art Therapy


Minority Mental Health

Psychiatric Illness

Society and Mental Illness



From these we had some subcategories:

Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Body Image, Borderline Personality Disorder and Suicide Awareness.

Here are all our artists from Issue 2 Mental Illness, Health and Recovery.

We have had amazing feedback from readers and from the contributing artists about issue 2. From artists telling us they have received recognition for their work because of ASLI Magazine or that they have now gained a wider audience, even leading to artists being discovered by other art publications and galleries. As well as messages from readers saying that due to reading a particular artist’s interview they now too wish to use art to create change for themselves and others. However the most rewarding of messages are from those who are struggling and in the middle of the throws of mental illness and who found our artists work and interviews inspiring, allowing them to feel less alone and continue in their recovery and survival.

During this campaign we have had a successful pop up exhibition, a swap shop and event, we are also sponsoring an exhibition on Suicide Awareness in Australia and I have been interview by The Pixel Project about ASLI’s work to highlight sexual violences and women’s survival stories as well as my own work to combat this issue through my art, (interview details to follow). We have gained more followers and welcomed another 35 artists to our ASLI family. Forever Young

ASLI will continue to raise awareness about mental health and always welcome artists and creatives of all disciplines to get in touch and submit to us if you too are active in this cause or are an artist using your creativity to deal with your own mental illness.

More than half of us at ASLI suffer from mental health issues, ranging from mild to severe and this includes myself. This is why it is so close to our hearts.

So as Editor of ASLI Magazine I decided to contribute two paintings to this campaign, both paintings representing mental illness which I suffer from daily. To spread awareness and share my story with others.

Agoraphobia – By Charlotte Farhan
Agoraphobia – By Charlotte Farhan
Living with agoraphobia is like being a caged animal who fears its capture and environment. My mind passes back and forth and my panic increases with everyday that passes. Daily events round the world confirm the need to be locked away, for my own safety and sometimes others. On occasion certain parts of my mind wish to escape the confinement the agoraphobia has created, parts of my other illnesses such as my borderline personality disorder and psychotic depression bash their metaphorical heads against the bars of my prison. This illness is the child of my post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), from trauma comes anxiety and this ultimately changed my entire behaviour and personality.
Losing my Identity – By Charlotte Farhan
Losing my Identity – By Charlotte Farhan
Losing My Identity is a depiction of the identity disturbance which people such as myself endure due to having Borderline Personality Disorder.

Here are some links to my work and art on this issue:

So we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have participated, contributed, donated and followed us on our journey toward our missions goal, to create change!

As this campaign ends so another begins, in the next few days we will be releasing our next call for artist and launching our new campaign, which is Capitalism, Poverty and War.

In the field of ideas not involving productive activities it is easier to distinguish the division between material and spiritual necessity. For a long time man has been trying to free himself from alienation through culture and art. While he dies every day during the eight or more hours that he sells his labour, he comes to life afterwards in his spiritual activities. But this remedy bears the germs of the same sickness; it is as a solitary individual that he seeks communion with his environment.
Che Guevara

Make sure if you are interested in getting our call for artists that you are signed up to this magazine.

We also have lots of social media you can get involved in, we love it when artists share their stuff with us and we often share your work or even add it to our gallery on our website.

So why not get involved by using our hashtag #artsaveslivesintenational or tag us in your post.


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Here is a gallery of our campaign:


Best Wishes from myself and the ASLI Team xxx

Artist, Editor and MD Charlotte Farhan
Artist, Editor and MD Charlotte Farhan


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