aside Welcome Jade Bryant as ASLI’s Newest Team Member

Jade Bryant
Jade Bryant

We are excited to announce that we have a NEW member of the ASLI team.

Jade Bryant is now our ASLI Arts and Mental Health Campaigner and Feature Writer

Jade’s role includes:

  • To design and write at least one feature blog a month for our ASLI Magazine on: the arts and mental health.
  • Campaigning for the use of art to help those with mental illness, petitioning our government, engaging with the online community on how to get involved with ASLI.
  • Creating projects to help people engage in artistic and creative outlets to aid understanding and communication of mental health.
  • Enlisting artists from all disciplines to: engage with ASLI, to be involved in campaigns, to contribute to the ASLI Magazine and to be in pop up exhibitions.
  • General fundraising.

Some of you may recognise Jade from our last campaign “Mental Illness, Health and Recovery” where we learnt that Jade uses visual art and creative writing to help in her recovery with mental illness.

Here is Jades interview with ASLI:

Artist Jade Bryant is fiercely tackling her mental illness with art and in the process is changing the world’s awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Jade is a visual artist and creative writer from Devon. She has previously studied Film and Television Studies, Art and English. While not having been able to complete her degree due to mental health issues, she hopes that from this, she will eventually be able to begin a career within the mental health sector, and help other people who are in similar situations.

Jade believes that art is one of the most effective methods of medication when it comes to releasing emotions that can often be difficult to deal with when you suffer with mental health issues. Jade has a dual diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder and uses her art as a means of release and healing.
Jade hopes that by expressing issues she is passionate about such as, mental health, anti-war, equality, anti-capitalism, domestic abuse, animal cruelty and other such issues, she can create less stigma and a more healthy, truthful awareness of such issues.
Jade met Charlotte through an online group for BPD Support and has followed her art and ASLI ever since. She says that Charlotte has been and still is an integral part of her recovery, and having the opportunity to end stigma and raise awareness for such important issues through such an amazing charity is truly an honour.”

At ASLI we could not be more delighted that Jade has joined our team, a truly talented and enigmatic person, with an abundance of empathy and a determined mind to create a positive change within mental health and the arts.

If you would like to know more about Jade and her work please follow these links below:


Art Portfolio

Writing Portfolio and Blog



ASLI Team Member Jade Bryant


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