aside Editors Letter – Issue 3 – Capitalism, War and Poverty

In ASLI Magazine’s 3rd issue our focus was on Capitalism, War and Poverty, looking at how artists from differing disciplines depict these issues and express their ideas and lives through their own artistic expression.

If you would like to read these articles and see the artists work please click HERE

Issue 3 - Capitalism war and poverty - ASLI Magazine
Issue 3 – Capitalism war and poverty – ASLI Magazine

When we began this issue, it was back in November 2015 which is over half a year ago now, and the reason for such a long campaign is that ASLI has been experiencing a few changes, as well as this issue being our most challenging call for artists yet. With over a hundred artists submitting to us from all over the world, the beginning was promising, however for many differing reasons due to the war / occupation in their area or the poverty they were confined by – these artists did not get back to us or were unreachable. Which sadly meant we were unable to share their stories and amazing creative work – but we plan to keep on trying to get these artists voices heard, we shall not give up.

lennon_postcard Post Cards For Peace
Post Cards For Peace

After giving our artists as much time as possible to get back to us, we decided to end the call out and focus on the artists who were ready to be published.

With a wide range of topics discussed and beautiful work displayed from visual arts, music and creative writing, we were pleased that the issue could go ahead.


ASLI Magazine have also decided to keep this campaign open so that at any time someone has work on these subjects then we can add them to this issue.

Justice for Palestine by Ethar Hamid
Justice for Palestine by Ethar Hamid

Especially with the world as it stands at this present time, with the continued genocide of Syria, the refugees fleeing for their lives, the continued occupation of Palestine, the mass shootings in western countries, global economic instability, natural disasters in the most vulnerable places in the world, the rise of fascist extremists in every corner and the 1% – the elites; getting richer off the poorest people. The list is long and no one knows what is around the next corner, however ASLI want to get your voices heard.

The Puppeteer - By Jade Bryant
The Puppeteer – By Jade Bryant

Since November 2015 ASLI has been through some big changes, with members of our team moving on to do other things, new team members joining ASLI and our focus now being on ASLI Magazine – only; scrapping the events, swap-shops and projects. With this we hope to continue to grow our online publication – globally, adding new writers, artists of the month, comic strips, a ASLI Youtube channel and would like to get ASLI communities working around the world in local areas, holding events, pop-up exhibitions and reporting back to us – showing you all, how art can save lives internationally, whilst creating change – by educating, engaging and expressing our world.

Fabio Tedde
Fabio Tedde


Please continue to support us and sign up to this blog/website to get all the latest news and call for artists. With our next campaign being announced on the 1st of July.


ASLI INFO GRAPHIC By Charlotte Farhan

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