aside ASLI Artist Alan Malzard creates an art piece on class privilege and the bedroom tax

Alan Malzard
Alan Malzard

Alan Malzard is a visual artist living in Hertfordshire, England. Born and raised in Australia, Alan came to the U.K. for a fresh start. Alan’s submission subject is class privilege and he illustrates this with his piece titled “Shit Street”:

Shit street by Alan Malzard
Shit street by Alan Malzard

What motivated you to deal with your chosen submission subject?

The motivation for ” Shit Street ” was the introduction of the Bedroom Tax, another nail in the coffin of social housing and a particularly vile policy.

What is your process when creating?

There is no process I strictly follow, generally before I start I have a pretty good idea of what the finished work will look like.

What do the statements “art saves lives” and “art creates change” mean to you?

Art saves lives, i have seen the impact that art and creating art has on people, positive, empowering and healing, it should be the most important subject in school.

What are your present and future goals for your art?

 I change my mind about art and the art establishment on a regular basis, at the moment it is all about the doing rather than spending time trying to promote it.

What are your opinions on what causes discrimination?

Discrimination is caused by a closed mind, education is the key to opening those minds, more care must be taken with our children, to educate and nurture.

What social privileges do you have?

Social privileges I have : I am white, able bodied, able minded, a man, heterosexual and thin so I avoid many of the labels and stereotypes people often like to place on other people, I have these privileges because of an accident of birth.

Here are more examples of Alan’s art:

If you would like to know more about Alan why not follow this link and support his Facebook page : Alan Malzard- Inktricart.

If you have any feedback please fill in this contact form:

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