aside Artist Michel Montecrossa addresses heterosexual privilege in a new art piece for ASLI Magazine

Michel Montecrossa
Michel Montecrossa

Michel Montecrossa from Mirapuri-Coiromonte, Italy; is a visual artist who paints, draws, uses photography and creates film; as well as a philosophical and fictional writer and poet – who is also a musician. Michel has chosen the subject of Heterosexual Privilege for his submission for issue 4 of ASLI Magazine: “Discrimination, Privilege and Stigmatisation”.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My aim in life is to grow in consciousness to a fulfilling completeness.

What is your artistic/creative background?

Based on this aim I chose to become an integral artist that perfects his natural artistic capacities in fine arts, music, literature, movie-making and consciousness-research. I received a good education in these fields through schools and private teachers as well as extensive travels for the study of Eurasian and U.S.A. cultures.

What motivated you to deal with your chosen submission subject?

Out of this formative process a clear and intense certitude about the human potential emerged, a certitude about the fact that a better tomorrow is created by growing and entering into a new consciousness that among many things can change the heterosexual privilege of dominance into a tolerant and creative spiritual & social power for establishing and securing freedom of choice for all sexual expressions and preferences – this would be a step of great cultural importance; liberating in all aspects of human life, hidden and suppressed creative springs.

’Erotic Enrichment Society' (Freedom Of Choice)’, Mirapuri, 2014, acryl and ink on canvas, 200 x 100 cm
’Erotic Enrichment Society’ (Freedom Of Choice)’,
Mirapuri, 2014, acrylic and ink on canvas, 200 x 100 cm

What is your process when creating?

The process of creating is an evolving and self-creative synthesis of all possibilities with drawing, painting, music, writing and movie making; that are embedded in my state of continuous consciousness-researching.

Who are you influenced by within your artistic discipline?

The artist, musician and consciousness liberation fighter Mira Alfassa.

Who inspires you in general?

The Great Consciousness that can be felt and seen in all creation as well as in all that transcends it.

What causes and world issues are you passionate about, campaign for, volunteer for…?

I have dedicated my life, work and art to help to build Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy.

What do the statements “art saves lives” and “art creates change” mean to you?

“Art saves lives” because art connects us to the very principle of life which is consciousness showing us the meaning of life and how to live this meaningful life. For the same reason “art creates change”.

Have your artistic and creative outlets saved your life in anyway and do you think your message within them could help create change in the world?

My artistic and creative outlets saved my life through steadiness and through the message of hope contained in them. It is the message of hope that the world is in the process of a big change and that every action of goodwill can and will accelerate the speed of this change into a new step of evolution giving birth to the Futureman of Joy and Love and the building of the United States of Planet Earth for securing peace and creative world unity.

What are your present and future goals for your art?

The present and future goals of my art are the completion of Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy, and to strengthen the spirit of Joy and Love all over the world through freedom of consciousness-growth

Have you experienced any form of discrimination; and if so what was it based on and how did you deal with this?

As a free and living soul one is always in contact with discrimination which is based on unwillingness to change in harmony with the constant changes of the universe. One can deal with this by being an example for the Joy and Love that come through every step of widening the consciousness, understanding and compassion.

What are your opinions on what causes discrimination?

The cause of discrimination is conservatism and fear. They are the testing-grounds for every new step of evolution so that the new things can prove their effective right and capacity to replace old orders through love, peace, prosperity and security.

What do you do to actively stand against discrimination and have you ever had to intervene as a witness to it?

To be an artist means to actively stand against discrimination by showing the better way of wideness, freedom and love. To follow this way is a constant intervention for the better of all.

What are your opinions on labels and stereotypes?

Labels and stereotypes are reactions of fear. Empathy, humour and joy can transform fear into a happy ‘Let’s play together and have a good time’.

What are your opinions on national identity and in your opinion does nationalism create or deter discrimination?

National identity is good and necessary, if it is an identity that has its goal within a world union, the achievement of unity in diversity where each nation plays its indispensable free and self-determined role in the concert of the United States of Planet Earth and its well-being. Nationalism for its own sake is destructive and discrimination-driven.

How does social privilege affect our world in your opinion?

The true privilege is to know always more and to be able to do always more. If this privilege is activated in a non-egoistic way, it will lead our world in a positive direction.

Have you ever denied your own privilege due to feelings of guilt or misunderstanding?

To be conscious of the soul is a constant source of happiness where there is no guilt or misunderstanding.

Have you ever experienced social stigmatisation and if so what was it based on and how did you deal with this?

Social stigmatisation may come about to learn better how to transform it into higher understanding. So, the best thing is to reach higher understanding.

Have you ever contributed to the stigmatisation of any individual or group, and if so were you aware you did this and how did you deal with this aftermath?

Everything and everyone has a right for existing for some time whether you like it or not. The best thing is to learn from it and thus grow in consciousness so that the wrong things are not repeated and good things become real.

What are your opinions on political powers and world leaders using stigmatisation against certain groups to further their own agendas, such as with Muslims, Black people, LGBTQ individuals, mentally ill and disabled people?

Political powers and world leaders must be there to lead to freedom and unity, to the experience of a progressive world where everything is in its right place and time without quarrel and arrogance, full of goodwill to help each other and ready for the living celebration of humanity.

Do you support or take part in any anti-stigma organisations or charities and if so which ones and why?

I support and take part in the building of Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy because it is an important anti-stigma organisation and warmhearted charity project.

In your own words please tell us how you feel the arts and creativity can further help to empower, communicate and educate people with regards to discrimination, privilege and stigmatisation?

Art and creativity are straight roads out of discrimination, false privileges and stigmatisation because they empower you, communicate to you and educate you through the true, the right and the vast of your loving soul.


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